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Dragon's Hollow Healing Portal

5061 Kester Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Dragon's Hollow Healing Portal was created to heal, cure, discover and nourish your soul, mind, body, and spirit. We provide services and education that will elevate your soul, create the transformation that you need, and pave the way to success. 

In this Powerful Psychic Reading session, you'll receive guidance from your protective guardian​ spirits and ancestors in all areas of your life.
Spiritual Psychic Consultation
1 hr
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Hypnosis can help you overcome many behavioral patterns and overcome bad habits as well as gain focus, strengthen your mind power and re-program the subconscious mind. ​

Hypnosis Healing  Session

Chakra Balancing is extremely important as a person can become sick, make bad decisions, have relationship problems, be angry, depressed or worse just because of some bad vibrations that are not properly aligned. This session is done via phone/ skype. 

Chakra Balancing Activation

Archangel Michael is a powerful healer and activator of your divine file purpose. He can help you to find the strength to overcome changes and follow your destiny.This healing is done remotely for about 7 days but its effects may be felt for several months after the healing is done. 

Archangel Michael Healing

If you feel like you have been haunted by negative spirits, and good luck seems to be out of reach you may be cursed, or hexed. This session is done remotely.

Hex/Curse Removal

Some issues we have may arise from past life traumas, fears, and broken relationships.

In this powerful mini past life regression session, we'll explore the most significant lifetime to help you overcome presenting issue. This session is done over Skype/Facetime

Past Life Regression
Do love spells  work___Yes and No.jpg

Create an aura of attraction to help you manifest or attract your soulmate.  This session is done remotely

Love Spell